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World Water Day, the Day Against Water Waste

Every day we brush our teeth, we have showers, we drain the salad and we water the plants. Every day, with our daily actions, we are risking to waste huge quantities of water and, unconsciously, to damage our planet.

Water, the sign of life and purity that covers the Earth for two thirds and that, for the same amount, composes our body, is the most important element to whom we cannot separate. Even if we see it flowing every day without even thinking about it, water is not a never ending element and not everyone of us can have access to it in the same amount. You just need to think that, according to what the NGOs and the promoter agencies detected, more than 663 million people don’t have any access to potable water nowadays[1].

To increase the people’s awareness on this topic, the 22nd of March will be the World Day against water waste, established by UNO in 1992, to safeguard and fight the waste of this element, which is so fundamental in our life.

The claim of this year’s edition “Do what you can, do it with others and to it with passion”, wants to raise the people sensitivity towards the respectful use of water and towards the populations that have no easy access to it, starting from the smallest daily activities. Because, as small as they might be, those activities can make a difference.

According to the researches, to irrigate people uses much more water than the planet could even provide.  The water used often surpasses the capacity that nature, through rain, rivers and natural reserves, could supply.

That’s the reason why Probios, for years, has been supporting projects that aim to protect nature and its biodiversity, confirming its philosophy of lowering the environmental impact and supporting the sustainability, that has always characterized the company.
[1] SOURCE: WWD 2017