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A whole Different Type of Pasta!

Made with cereals different from wheat, often gluten free, or with pseudo cereals, and even with pulses. More and more alternative to shop for.

In Italy, when we talk about “pasta”, we immediately think about the traditional pasta, the durum wheat semolina one. But, for health reasons, or different food choices, are pushing people to try the so called “alternative pastas”.

Made with cereals different from wheat, often gluten free, or with pseudo cereals, or even with pulses. To those, we have to add the boom of the gluten free pasta offers, but also the vegan and the organic choice that inspire the manufacturers to find different alternative to the traditional pasta[1].

Probios offers 6 excellent alternatives, all organic:

  1. Rice pasta

Wheat free doesn’t mean taste free. And you can find rice pasta on the selve really often. White when it’s raw, pearl white when it’s cooked, it’s obviously obtained with rice flour. Probios offers the Rice&Rice line, 80 gluten free products, also biscuits and rice snacks. Rice pasta is also available in the whole grain version, with a more rustic yet as much tasty and light flavor.

  1. Corn pasta

A bright yellow colored pack of pasta is not necessarily made with a high amount of egg yolks. Corn pasta, made with organic italian corn flour, is like the rice one gluten free and, once coke, has a smell and a flavor that reminds of  - no wonder – polenta. Probios offers a huge variety of shapes, with the line Viva Mais.

  1. Pulses pasta

This pasta isn’t only gluten free, it is also cereal free. Made with pulses flour only (beans, chickpeas, lentils or peas),it is characterized by many proteins and just a few carbohydrates, and it’s also very tasty and nutrient dense. Vey appreciated by those who follow a gluten free flour, by those who want to try something different or by those who need, maybe for a vegan diet, to increase the plant based proteins intake. Probios offers a wide selection, made with chickpeas, black beans, red or yellow lentils. Organic, made in Italy, it is gluten free guaranteed.

  1. Alternative cereals pasta

Buckwheat, as quinoa, is a “pseudo cereal”, a plant from the Polygonaceae family and it has maybe been the most reevaluated gluten free flour alternative lately. It’s the flour whom pizzoccheri, the famous meal from the Valtelline, are made of. From the Altri Cereali line, Probios offers both the buckwheat and the quinoa specialty in different shapes: chifferi, spaghetti, conchiglie, penne, sedanini and fusilli.

  1. Spelt pasta

Spelt is the most ancient cereal used by men (the word flour itself comes from its latin name). The plant distinguishes itself from its long stem, that allows the root to do deeper into the soil, into the richest layers. From a poor cereal, it is becoming an extremely appreciated cereal for many people. Probios offers a whole line made with organic spelt, white or whole, in different shapes. The pasta is made by slow desiccation, in its whole grain version, is a natural source of fibres.

  1. Kamut pasta

From the Khorasan KAMUT ® wheat, a variety of extremely high in nutrients wheat, comes the Probios’ pasta line. Available both in the white and whole version, high in fibers, most of the shapes available are brass-wire drawn and desiccated slowly.