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Seed Oil: Cold-Pressed, you Say It, but you Can not Write It!

Seed oils of our brand IL NUTRIMENTO are extracted by mechanical processes. Both the seeds and the press are not pre-heated, we can therefore guarantee the absolute temperature control. The deodorization process that enables you to have an oil smell and taste less strong, more palatable, is done through a short natural process for the vapor stream, which does not alter the valuable fatty acids.

"Cold-pressed" you say it but you can not write it!

In accordance with current regulations the words "cold extraction" is reserved for virgin olive oil or extra virgin oil derived at less than 27 ° C.
In general, it is said that the oils are obtained at "cold" when the system excludes stages of adding heat, and when the only heat to which the oil is exposed is the one generated by the mechanical process.
This way are produced our oils of seeds branded Il Nutrimento, extracted thanks to a mechanical process without the addition of heat: the seeds are definitely not preheated before being mashed, as well as the press which does not undergo abrupt temperature rises, this preserves intact the valuable features of our oils.

The only two oils that have undergone a process improvement are sunflower seed oil and corn germ oil, for which there is a process of deodorization, a procedure which allows to obtain an oil with a smell and taste less strong and distinctive compared to virgin oil, unfortunately often not pleasing to the palate. This process takes place through a short natural process with current of steam, immediately followed by verification that monitor that fatty acids have not undergone degeneration.

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