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Our Suppliers: Oven Vannini

OVEN VANNINI: the Good 0 km

Let’s meet the Oven Vannini, a production workshop a few steps from Probios offices in Calenzano (FI).
The atmosphere inside is that of a small oven of the village with all the scents of freshly baked bread and cookies.
The owner, Barbara Zerini, tells the story of this laboratory, which over the years has been able to become a producer that exports its delights up back in the United States.
The story of the Bakery Vannini began in 1932 among the green hills of Tuscany when Mario Vannini, the founder of the bakery and grandfather of Barbara, , delivered the bread to the various shops in the area with the coach, today we would say a mean at zero impact!

The management of the furnace, has been passed down in the family for years to come: initially run by the founder's daughters Vanda and Carla then passed to Barbara for 15 years that stills keeps alive the spirit and passion of the family Vannini with her daughter Irene. The traditional products Vannini have remained the same of yore even if, in the coming decades, the descendants of Mr. Mario have been able to adapt recipes to the creativity of our times.
Barbara tells us to be really proud of "keeping alive the tradition always accompanied by that lovely Florentine spirit that characterizes it." And the spirit of our land can be found in all the products she prepares each day such as the traditional almond biscuits in a variety of versions, the famous wine donuts that every Tuscan child knows and tried immersed in wine as an "exception to the rule" at the end of the meal; these are perfumes that still today accompany us in the memories of our childhood.
Precious memories made of ancient flavors, almost an heritage to be preserved for future generations that risk of losing them flattened by industrial production.
The production Vannini still manually kneads the ingredients that wisely give rise to exclusive recipes.

The good that makes you feel good

There are some recipes developed by the founder, that still after almost a century have remained unchanged.
It is true, however, that we must keep pace with the times and the owners are developing truly innovative recipes, looking for particular but very successful combinations, thus, Barbara confesses "we like to revisit typical products in biological key with an emphasis on the needs of many people, we produce various kinds of almond biscuits for example, from classic to almond, whole with honey, spelt with chocolate guaranteed without traces of milk, so suitable for those with special dietary needs, many products are also made without yeast. You also have to try the delicious recipes where we employ particular combinations such as pepper and chocolate, or our tea biscuits to which we add real flowers of chamomile or lavender. "

An act of love for our land: the choice of organic

The love for the land, healthy food and genuine life, has pushed the Bakery Vannini to create a line of cookies and savory products organic certified, with flour from grain grown and milled in Tuscany, for the realization of km0 products and to promote organic farming of our land, as a means of safeguarding our beautiful region.
The meeting with Probios was somewhat unique, in fact, the companies that have their headquarters a few kilometers away, have exchanged the opening bars to the BioFach in Nuremberg (Germany)!
Thus was born, in a cantuccino and a cracker to the sunflower, the collaboration between the two companies made up of mutual respect and sympathy.
The recipes are developed in an oven of the country, and are then carried around Italy with pride, many shops in the organic sector. We like the idea of helping to spread even so the spirit of Tuscany, made of authenticity and sympathy, and of reality that still defend their work with the tradition of our region.