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Ancient Wheats: Ancient Traditions in Favor of Well-Being!

As we know, 2018 has been proclaimed as the Year of Italian Food in the world thanks to the important and internationally recognized food and wine heritage and, of course, we can not help but be proud of it!

In this journey of rediscovering the ancient culinary traditions that the Mediterranean diet offers us, the ancient wheat varieties that follow specific methods of processing and production have re-emerged on our tables. The topic is there for all to see, indeed, Coldiretti and the Italian Seed Company declared that "in the last twenty years there has been a 250-fold increase in the production of bread, pasta and pizzas made with ancient grains".

Obviously, we at Probios, who have been working for the benefit of people and the environment for forty years and in support of 100% Italian organic farming, would like to bring on your tables all the taste of the Italian tradition with products based on ancient wheats grown in Italy:

  •  Ancient Bio (Organic) Wheats with bran from Sicilian durum wheat, produced with Sicilian native wheat varieties (such as Margherito, Maiorca, Perciasacchi, Timilia and Russello) preserved thanks to the work of the so-called 'Custodians of Seeds', a biodiversity that will give you all the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean tradition. This line is available in various    formats, both white and whole.

  • Ancient Russello Grains with bran from Sicilian durum wheat, produced with the ancient wheat Russello, a variety cultivated in Sicily since the last century, with a tall trunk and the characteristic reddish color from which it takes its name. From the semolina of this wheat, one can obtain an excellent bran that is used to produce our bronze-drawn and slow-          drying pasta, rich in fibers.

  • Senatore Cappelli Wheat, the pasta of the Natura Toscana line produced with this ancient variety of durum wheat is cultivated in a few privileged areas of Italy, including Tuscany, thanks to its excellent organoleptic qualities. The characteristics of this wheat and the slow drying give the pasta a full-bodied texture and a strong taste, which brings back to the flavors of the past, when the rhythms were those dictated by nature. Among the products based on the Senatore Cappelli wheat, there are also those of the La via del Grano line, such as the small white flatbread pizzas, the salted phyllo doughs, and the whole cookies.

So, are you ready? Let's put water in the pot and ... get all ready for a dip in the ancient flavors of Italian tradition!