Improve the life of man and the planet, spreading an organic vegetarian culture that creates well-being, with taste and quality: this is what we believe in, what we are committed to, what we have been spreading for over 40 years. As a good harvest derives only from a good sowing, we hope to reap the fruits of our labor, seeing more and more shared the attention towards a sustainable diet for man and for the environment.


We have been dealing with organic for many years, precisely since 1978. In over 40 years of experience, we have always combined research and selection of high quality organic raw materials with attention to the balance and originality of the recipes. The result? A wide and varied range (more than 850 products), which guarantees our consumers balanced products, able to satisfy the most demanding palates.


Respect for the environment and all forms of life are the basis of our choice to produce and consume organic products. The name Probios derives from the Greek Pro ("in favor of") and Bios ("life"): we are in favor of life, in all its forms. This principle has liven up our company since its foundation and is going on representing its cornerstone during its growth path. We deal with organic, not for fashion or for mere business opportunities: rather we want to convey a broad vision, to spread awareness, sustainability and quality among our consumers.


Our products come from 100% certified organic farming and are all vegetarians. What does it mean to produce organic food? Guaranteeing quality and sustainability criteria, spreading awareness, protecting the future, respecting nature and ourselves. Purchasing our products means first and foremost choosing suppliers who have embraced this philosophy, who implement a careful selection of the cultivation methods of the raw materials and that don’t yield to the use of herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and synthesis: all harmful substances that drastically pollute our land, our waters and our air.


We strongly oppose the use of genetically modified organisms: in fact, we regularly undergo to control inspections by authorized bodies that certify compliance with the strict European and national legislation. We believe in a GMOs free world from and we strive every day, in our small, to make it happen. We choose more organic and more biodiversity in the name of caring for our land.


We select, where possible, certified Italian raw materials, suppliers and processing companies, so as to reward our quality organic agri-food production, limiting the move of raw materials, a source of pollution and waste. Since we take care of everyone's dietary requirements, we also produce vegan, gluten-, milk-, yeast-, egg- and sugar-free foods: for an organic without compromises and without exceptions, that is safe and traceable from the garden to your table.