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Ideal Diet for the Adults: Legumes, Cereals and 100% Organic Vegetable Oils

The French company for food safety (Anses) recently published the new guidelines for the ideal diet of adult people[1], highlighting the big changes in comparison to the previous versions.

A text that aim to formulate, for the first time, the guidelines on the consumption of the main food groups, to answer the nutritional needs of adult people, taking into consideration the challenge that are associated to the presence of chemicals in some food.

The big news from this research concern the regular consumption of legumes (like lentils, broad beans and chickpeas), the necessity to prefer products made with less refined cereals (like whole or semi whole bread, pasta and rice), and also to support the consumption of vegetable oils.

  1. Pulses are a precious source of proteins and minerals and, paired to whole cereals, they create a complete meal on a nutritional point of view. Considered for a long time as a “poor food”, nowadays they have been rediscovered in new and different shapes. An innovative, practical and convenient solution to increase their consumption, comes from Probios: it is 100% pulses pasta that, ready in just a few minutes, preserves all of the characteristics of the flour it’s made of  and is naturally gluten free. It is now available in a wide range that consists of black beans sedani, red lentils fusilli, chickpeas caserecce, green peas fusilli, yellow lentils spaghetti and penne.

  1. Pasta, the main ingredient of the Italian food culture, is one of the key elements of the extremely famous Mediterranean diet. From Probios, an extremely wide range of 100% organic pasta made with different cereals: wheat, spelt, Kamut, corn, rice, buckwheat or quinoa. Made in Italy and also available in the whole version, also gluten free.

  1. Among the different kinds of vegetable oils, the olive oil is the typical element of the Mediterranean area, an antique and precious element. Italy, with Spain, is one of the biggest olive oil producers in the world. That’s why Probios offers different varieties, all  of them 100% Italian, from the traditional versions, like the calabrian EVO oil from Il Nutrimento and the Tuscan I.G.P. EVO oil from Natura Toscana, but also the new flavored oil (with garlic and basil, with garlic and pepper and lemon), ideal to season without heating them.


[1]SOURCE: Anses