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Italy Wants Pizza Napoletana as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Coldiretti, the UniVerde Foundation from the former Agriculture Minister Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio and the "Pizzaiuoli Napoletani" Association are in the forefront to collect, by 31 March 2016, one million signatures for the petition #pizzaUnesco, in order to nominate the Neapolitan pizza as the "intangible heritage of humanity".
There are already 600,000 citizens in Italy and around the world that have joined the initiative.
The Italian Commission for UNESCO will therefore forward the proposal to be examined by the international organization, to get the coveted award.

The decision to nominate the art of the Pizzaiuoli Napoletani stems from the desire to pay homage to the skills and relevant cultural and social functions that this art has held over time, up to the present day. Neapolitan pizza is in fact synonymous of creativity, tradition and quality ingredients, which are simple and representative of the Mediterranean diet: an ancient art, which was born and has been handed down in Naples since 1700, and that is to skillfully blend two simple elements such as water and flour and then add other few natural ingredients for seasoning.

The pizza tradition is therefore a specialty that ante litteram has always paid attention to the naturalness, with quality raw materials and respecting the environment: one day all these qualities - appreciated all over the world - could lead to the coveted recognition by the UNESCO.

You can sign in the petition HERE! (Italian only)