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It's Boom Time for Veggie Milks

There are an increasing number of people who, while they don't expressly suffer from milk allergies or milk intolerances, they would rather do without. Some of the reasons include curiosity for new foods and an increasing focus on the relationship between health and nutrition.

But today, there are viable alternatives. Indeed, different types of vegetable-based drinks are increasingly widespread, and nutritionists find them to be healthy and loaded with beneficial properties for the body.

According to Nielsen data, in Italy the volume of fresh milk sold fell by 7.4% in 2015 compared with the previous year, while UHT milk fell by 1.2 percent. At the same time, highly digestible lactose-free milk grew by 8.4 percentage points, while vegetable-based drinks grew by nearly 24 points.

It's clear that vegetal drinks are therefore replacing dairy milk. One of the most common types is so-called "soy milk"—which, since it's not truly a milk, is properly called a "soy-based drink".
In particular, Probios sells the vegetal drink Soia&Soia made with soy grown in Italy using an organic method that prohibits the use of GMO products. Probios also sells the Italian rice-based drink Rice&Rice—with no sugar added and gluten-free—and an oat-based drink, the latter from the Easy To Go line, perfect for those who are looking for a completely vegetal drink, with a low fat content and no added sugar.