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New Protein Bars


Tasty, high protein and plant based: the new bars are a perfect blend of energy and taste

We know, you are crazy for high-protein, but still plant-based. What’s more, you always need a good dose of energy and taste to face your everyday challenges: here’s why we have implemented our range of Protein Bars, packed with plant proteins and perfect for you sport addicts, for all who have a dynamic lifestyle but also for those of you who love highly delicious snacks.

With our new Protein bar dark chocolate and coconut, and dark chocolate and hazelnut crumbs, the blend of energy and flavour is guaranteed. Ideal as a pre- or post- workout snack to carry around, they are gluten free and with 25% plant protein. As always, a 100% organic product that can meet the needs of any type of consumer, all of them with a shared goal to live a healthy lifestyle without giving up taste.

Here are our newest bars:

NEW! Protein bar dark chocolate and coconut: irresistible!
A new combination that blends the freshness of coconut with luscious chocolate. High in protein, it’s a perfect pre- or post- workout. Ideal for those who’re looking for a nutrient dense, organic and gluten free option to face everyday life with energy

NEW! Protein Bar dark chocolate and hazelnut grain: the enchanting crunchy mix
The crunchiness of hazelnut crumbs with a gooey dark chocolate covering are the ingredients of this irresistible bar. With 25% plant protein, this new product is an energy boost but also an explosion of flavour.
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