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Pasta is Not an Enemy for our Shape Anymore

To the delight of pasta lovers, a research that has recently been published showed that pasta, the symbol of the Mediterranean diet, doesn’t make you fat, but instead, its consumption would be associated to a reduction of our body mass.

The research, led by the Epidemiology Department at Irccs Neuromed in Pozzilli and published in the periodical “Nutrition and Diabetes”, considered the analysis on the anthropomedic facts and on the food habits of 23.000 people, recruited in two huge epidemiological studies: Molti-sani and Inhes (Italian Nutrition & Health Survey).

The main result was that the consumption of pasta would not be associated to body weight gain, but, in reverse, it would contribute to reduce our waistline and to improve the relationship between waist and hips.

After all, researches that confirm that the Mediterranean diet is one of the most balanced, even in regard of weight control, are really numerous. Pasta, as the main element of the diet, would therefore be a precious ally, to consume with all the other typical food of the Italian diet, paying special attention to the right amount and the frequency we eat it.
For that reason, Probios offers a wide range of pasta kinds, also ideal for those who suffer of food intolerances. Among the new products, from the white spelt line, renewed in the image and packaging, the chiocciole, the dischi volanti and the stelline; from the 100% Italian wholemeal durum wheat line, rich in fibers, the chiocciole; and from the Khorasan Kamut® line, the farfalle.
Finally, from the 100% organic pulses pasta, vegan and gluten free, the first one produced in Italy and ideal for the celiac diet, the new 100& green peas fusilli and the 100% yellow lentils spaghetti, a brand new shape, made with only pulses flour, rich in vegetable proteins and fibers.[1]
[1] Corriere dello Sport, Bimbisani e Belli