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Pizza: The Most Loved Italian Food... Also in The Outer Space!

Pizza is one of the traditional food of the Italian kitchen, appreciated both by kids and adults all over the world. Italians claim it as the symbol of their gastronomic heritage, according to 39% of the interviewed people. The results come from a Coldiretti survey, while Società Dante Alighieri confirms that “pizza” is the most known Italian world abroad (8%), followed by “cappuccino” (7%), “spaghetti” (7%), and “espresso” (6%).

Also, the astronaut Paolo Nespoli, protagonist of the VITA mission and in orbit since July, couldn't resist its curiosity and tried to imitate the acrobatics of the pizza acrobats in his spaceship (with great results!).

A demonstration that  is really impossible for us to give up on pizza, a simple, versatile and tasty meal, that has always been a symbol of gathering, especially during festivities. Even if traditional Neapolitan pizza only requires a few ingredients – flour, water, salt, brewer’s yeast, tomato sauce and a few other condiments – there are also many other different alternatives, also suitable for different food intolerances and preferences. After all, the true secret remains the dough: the perfect one depends in fact on the choice of  the right flour…and by the skills of the pizza maker!

For all of those who, like us (and Nespoli), would like to try to make a pizza or a home-made focaccia at home, here are some tips&tricks and recipes from our website: all of them are organic, vegan and gluten free, suitable for every diet.
D Lui (La Repubblica) del 12/2017 pp. 196-198.