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Probios half-moon


Since time immemorial it has been known how the Moon affects the biological life cycles and our planet: tides, plants, animals, seasons obey the mysterious rays of the pale and fascinating star of the night. The Moon is undoubtedly the symbol of biological rhythms: it grows, decreases and disappears, but always returns to reborn, reappears with an endless periodicity. Thousands of ancient legends spin around the Moon and modern scientific research culminating in the conquest of space has revived all its charm: who doesn’t remember the magic summer night of 20 July 1969 when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins landed for the first time on the moon?

Only 50 years have passed since the end of the 1960s, when society was filled with hope and more willing to project itself towards new frontiers. Thus the veiled nostalgia of 1969 sums up in the moon the symbol of a desire for conquest and hope, of a projection towards progress, even ethical, that in those years seemed eternal. The desire for a return to those values animates this historic anniversary.

Probios, which built its latest advertising campaign around the moon image, joins the celebrations in honor of the landing with the aim of creating a new, sustainable, balanced world where organic farming represents the productive system capable par excellence of preserving the environment and biodiversity. To start the planet towards a regeneration project, as the Moon teaches us.

Probios has always been supporting and promoting a precise vision of the world and of the future, in line with the values that the landing celebration renews. Against the backdrop of an ever-changing food universe, the recent institutional campaign tells the evolution of conscious nutrition, identifying it as the key to a better tomorrow and addressing an attentive consumer, looking for a new, more true and sincere contact with the surrounding nature. The claim, PURE GOODNESS TO ZERO COMPROMISE, is thus at the center of a space image: a farmer works with a pitchfork on the ground of a half moon formed by a biscuit, together with his family. The crumbs that come off go to join a galaxy in the background forming new stars. The return to the earth creates new possibilities.

Probios promotes a tenacious organic that combines past and future, tradition and innovation, passion and research, to rediscover the authenticity and genuineness of products made as they once were, but with an eye always on the future and aimed at releasing a widespread wellbeing.

"A small step for man, a great leap for humanity" - Neil Armstrong