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Pure gluten-free goodness: our new corporate campaign dedicated to Gluten Free


In order to reaffirm a precise idea of ​​values ​​and principles around which we have structured our activity, we have created a new institutional campaign, on air from September, dedicated to the Gluten-Free line.

With the May institutional campaign, centered on the concept of a zero-compromise organic that doesn't give up on taste and goodness, we have emphasized the importance we attach to a pure organic, which combines past and future, tradition and innovation, passion and research, to rediscover the authenticity and genuineness of products made as they once were, but with an eye always on the future.

The second part of the campaign is born in the same perspective, where the concept of pure organic that doesn't compromise with taste applies this time to a specific category of products: those gluten-free.

Excluding gluten from one's diet, for those suffering from celiac disease, is the only possible way to avoid damage in the medium and long term. It isn't a question of simply eliminating bread and pasta from the diet as some mistakenly believe: the presence of gluten, even if only in trace amounts, is practically everywhere and a serious intolerance forces a radical change in lifestyle. We at Probios have always been committed to offering valid solutions for those who are intolerant to gluten, even for meals away from home, looking for alternatives to ensure peace for the celiac consumer, without depriving him of taste and food variety, always in complete safety.

The new campaign promotional strongly promotes our mission: to remove the idea of ​​tasteless and artificial food from gluten-free.

Returning an image of normality and cheerfulness around the theme of celiac disease is our intent, since tasty and safe solutions exist. Therefore, a playground made of gluten-free pasta becomes the playful setting in which parents and children experience moments of light-heartedness, as befits every moment of conviviality, first and foremost sitting at the table.

Probios, together with the campaign, will present the latest news of the gluten-free line on the occasion of Sana 2019: delicious gluten-free Muffins with chocolate drops, gluten-free Plumcake with sunflower oil and gluten-free breadcrumbs, to complete the most delicious recipes with golden breadings.

Taking care of every food requirement has always been one of our key aims: there are around 400 of our gluten-free products, many of which are loanable by the National Health System, suitable for the whole family and able to cover any time of day, from breakfast at dinner.

Pure gluten-free goodness: we love taking care of you!