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Staying Fit will Be a Pleasure, with Probios’ Pulses Pasta!

Summer is approaching and these last months right before the swimsuit season are just decisive! We know, the word diet does is not an exciting word, but when you are about to pick the bikini to show off by the sea, here is that many women and men tend to surrender to the so-called 'last-minute diets': from the Dukan diet to the Atkins diet, up to the most exhausting Low Carb diet.

To meet these needs, Probios proposes its Pulses Pasta, a new type of pasta with a reduced intake of carbohydrates that, at the same time, will allow you to fill up with protein and fiber. This special product from Probios is dedicated to all those who are tired of eating the usual type of pasta and ideal for those who must lose weight and want to feel lighter, for those who practice sports and also for those suffering from particular food intolerances. In fact, it is gluten-free guaranteed.

Probios’ Pulses Pasta is also suitable for those who follow a vegan diet, as it is made  with 100% pulses flour and available in many shapes: Sedani rigati 100% black beans, Fusilli 100% red lentils, Caserecce 100% chickpeas, Penne 100% yellow lentils, Spaghetti 100% yellow lentils, Fusilli 100% green peas.

Probios’ Pulses Pasta is a totally organic novelty, perfect to guarantee an immediate sense of satiation with small portions, which is just what we need to get back in shape!

This product is also perfect to prepare many recipes and pasta salads, a great classic of the summer, toseason with olives, tomatoes, pine nuts, a leaf of basil and anything else you have available in the fridge!

Feeling good with yourself and in shape will never have been so simple. So, did we convince you?