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Summer is Coming: It's Time to Avoid the Added Sugars

Summer is coming, the warm weather is starting to come and our organism struggles to adapt to the new climate. Dehydration, irritability, fatigue, lack of sleep and mood swings are just some of the most common symptoms of the hot weather. Small issues that can be easily avoided with a balanced diet and avoiding extremely fatty food, spicy food and added sugars.

In summer, we wrongly tend to crave flavored and sweet drinks to refresh, thanks to their fresh taste and appealing color. But the relief doesn't last long, and, instead, those drinks tend to increase our level of dehydration: drinks with high contents of sugar act, in fact, as diuretics and don't bring any nutritional values to our organism.

For this reason during summer, it's important to prefer  whole cereals, fruit and vegetables: food that is able to increase our vitality and improve our organism. Food like rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, couscous, oat flour and millet is always a good choice: they contain vitamin B, which is good for our metabolism, and are perfect for many prepatationa. Fruit instead contains natural sugar, that help to increase our energy levels and boost our mood, whereas vitamin C and fibers, also present in many vegetables, help us be more focused.

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