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The New Regulation to Promote the Production Chain of Hemp is in Action

Up to 700.000 Euros every year to promote the production chain of hemp, with a series of activities from food to cosmetics, from industry and craftsmanship to the energetic sector, to the educational and research activities.

That’s the amount of resources that will be addressed from the Ministry of Agricultural Politics, counting on national plans of the area of expertise and compatibly with the EU regulations on the helps from the State, to sustain and promote hemp, according to what the drift law 2144, lately approved by the Agricultural Committee of the Senate, considers.[1]

For the cultivation of hemp for a agro-industrial use, no authorization will be necessary anymore and the supervision will be entrusted to the Forestry Authority, while the Ministry of Agricultural Politics will allocate every year a part of the available resources.

Good news for the production on hemp in Italy, that has been extremely productive until the ’40s of the latest century, and that stopped after the arrival of the Industrialization and the “economical boom”. Nowadays in Italy, according to Coldiretti, over 300 companies are active and are harvesting about a thousand hectares of land, foreseeing in hemp a cultivation that will guarantee earnings that the other cultivations cannot ensure anymore.

That’s the reason why Probios offers a selection of innovative products, certified organic, based on Italian hemp. From the line Il Nutrimento, the organic hemp seed oil, made without overheating neither the seed nor the press before the manipulation, it’s rich in polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids; the new Il Nutrimento’s Pestos, the typical condiment that everyone knows, but made with hemp seeds. The recipe is vegan, with no palm oil and lactose-free guaranteed, and it’s available in 3 flavors: with basil, with sundried tomatoes and with courgettes and curry. Ready to use, they’re ideal to serve with pasta and they’re perfect if they’re melted in a little bit of cooking water.

Among the latest additions, the spread cream with organic, hulled, toasted and stone ground hemp seeds, made with no added sugar and salt and with no emulsifiers. The cream is gluten free guaranteed (AIC certified), it’s 100% plant based and certified by Vegan Society and it’s also a great source of vegetable proteins, thanks to the numerous nutrients of hemp seeds, that Probios also distributes.

Last but not least the hemp coffee, an excellent alternative to the traditional one!


[1]SOURCE Italia Oggi