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The Planet's Health Comes from Eating!

The most popular diets promise miraculous weight loss making us healthier and in shape?

According to the latest trends the perfect food style is not the one that promises to make us lose weight in a short time, or to make us immediately ready for the beach, but the one that helps us to protect our health and the planet we live in.

This eco-sustainable diet explores the balanced nutrition principles linking them to the mechanisms of production of food, preferring those with a lower impact on the ecology. In fact, according to Riccardo Valentini, graduated in Physics and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, "consuming eco" food, which needs less water to grow and less pasture to breed, it would be "the only way to preserve the Earth and feed all. " Also according to the expert, the ideal diet would be to prefer organic agriculture, which provides a lower impact on the environment and allows the soil to better absorb water and nutrients.

To cope with the modern dietary needs and at the same time help to preserve biodiversity, one has to rely on "environmentally friendly foods" that are recognized by their being simple, the less refined as possible and with low processing rate to get the finished product. In fact for the food processing there are employed onerous amount of energy, thereby leading to the production of polluting substances and the exploitation of precious resources. However it’s not always possible to consume not processed foods and it is for this reason that even when you choose processed products we should prefer sustainable alternatives.

For this reason Probios continues to make use of organic raw materials coming mostly from Italian cultivation, guaranteed and controlled, so as to bring the best products on the shelves, in the respect of human health and the environment. Moreover, the Italian agriculture is the most green of Europe, with the largest number of organic farms, the banning of the use of GMOs and well 281 products with denomination of origin (PDO / PGI).
SOURCE: La Repubblica