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Today is the World Vegan Day

Every year, on November 1st, the Vegan World Day is celebrated, officially marking the beginning of the Vegan month: an anniversary that falls on this day 74 years after the foundation of the Vegan Society.

A very strong choice is that of adopting a vegan lifestyle, which today involves an increasing number of people: recognizing value in all forms of life and the environment, choosing ethical products that don’t impact on the animal world nor on the environment. A real fundamental principle, for those who choose this way of life, which is not limited only to food, but which extends to a wide spectrum also to clothing, entertainment, transports.

The vegan diet

Today, adopting this food style means being able to choose between an ever-increasing number of references, available in different stores and which, if we want, can also stimulate our imagination when we mesure ourselves in the kitchen. Products that vary from those to which we are usually accustomed and therefore allow us to amaze even our guests on special occasions, able to go beyond the meat sauce for pasta, or the usual main course based on fish. And then ready with tofu, seitan and tempeh, but also soy and rice drinks.

The GoVegan! range

Probios, who always thinks of everyone, has created a completely vegan line: from sweet to savory, from Easter to Christmas, a world of products without animal derivatives so as not to miss any chance! The GOVegan! range includes references all certified and registered by the Vegan Society.

For anyone who wants to start the day with taste, GOVegan includes a wide selection of vegan biscuits with chocolate, hazelnuts, oats, but also with fruit and cereals. For those who prefer brioches, there are tasty vegan croissants in different variations, both with spelt and wheat. If you love to prepare some first courses for your family, then you can’t certainly miss the vegan carbonara, made with tofu and seitan.