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World Pasta Day: The Made in Italy Excellence in the World

The World Pasta Day turns 18 years old and confirms itself to be a global won bet of the historical first edition in Naples, when the 25th September was chosen to celebrate, worldwide, the key element of the Mediterranean diet: the Pasta.

This year, the event will be hosted in Moscow, where more than 200 pasta makers, sales representatives from the supply chain, scientific and economic opinion leaders, media and bloggers will meet to celebrate the principle element of the Italian tradition and its numerous nutritional values.

A meal that definitely wins on the menu of the Italians, that consume 24 kilograms of pasta per capita each year, but also all around the world, since a packet of pasta on four is consumed in Italy. Furthermore, pasta also wins on the virtual market, since it appears between the Google food trends of 2016.[1] That’s the reason why the Government is constantly busy fighting for the price of wheat in Europe to protect the Dop Italian one.

The goal: allow the growers to apply a higher price to recognize the quality of their products, through a «national supply chain agreement between farmers and manufacturers». The first step was to sign an agreement to distribute 10 million Euros (100 Euros per hectare for every farmer) to support the supply chain contracts, with the aim to increase by 20% the cultivated surfaces, from 80 thousand to 100 thousand hectares.

In addition, the focus of the Ministry is always on the importance of labeling, that must be clear and transparent, to be able to give more and more information on the origin of the raw material the consumers are buying.

On its side, Probios keeps choosing Italian raw materials and processing companies, to obtain and offer the best products and to support the local agriculture and industry. The 85% of the products sold comes from Italian suppliers. Moreover, 70% of the raw materials is harvested in Italy.



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