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Online the New 2017 Products: Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free!

Where to begin  presenting the new 2017 products?
From the new Spelt sponge fingers from Break&Bio? Or from the new Rice&Rice’s gluten free quadrette with buckwheat and caramel or Dark chocolate and coconut?

Should we try to begin with the brand new line of organic European seaweed? Hand-picked and dehydrated at low temperatures, the 8 products are gluten free guaranteed!

Also, the inevitable line with coconut-based products, 7 high quality characters to enjoy every single nutritional property of the raw material: Coconut oil, Coconut milk, Coconut water, Gluten Free chips, Gluten free flour, 100% coconut spread, Whole coconut sugar.

From the GOvegan line, the brand new SpalmOlio, a 100% plant based alternative to butter, gluten free, with extra virgin olive oil and natural source of vitamin E.

La Via del Grano launches 2 new biscuits: Biobiscottì, low in fats, and the Senatore Cappelli wheat extra large biscuit, vegan guaranteed and source of fibres!
Also made with Senatore Cappelli wheat, the new whole wheat flatbreads, crunchy and palm oil free!

Many new products also from the gluten free Panito line!
The gluten free snacks with buckwheat and chickpeas, in two versions: natural or with turmeric!
The gluten free crunchy breadsticks and the brand new taralli with wild fennel, that update the existing range.
Last but not least, the gluten free pizza base, also vegan guaranteed, with no milk and eggs.

New gluten free pasta shapes: the Fusilli with oats from AltriCereali, and the 100% yellow lentils penne for the pulses pasta line!
Not to mention the 3 new long life gnocchi: whole wheat, or with corn or with quinoa, both gluten free.

Two new products from the line “I Freschi” by Il Nutrimento: chickpeas and soy edamame, both cultivated in Italy and packed within 6 hours from the harvest!

For the juice line, two brand new flavors: lime and gingerorange and ginger!

See you at Biofach!
Nürnberg, 15th-18th February.