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Goodness blooms in May! Discover the Probios news


In May, many tasty novelties bloom, not to be missed at Probios. Let's find out together:

Let's start with our beloved products without added sugars that this month are enriched with a crunchy and greedy Dark Snack based on cocoa and hazelnuts, perfect for a sweet break without feeling guilty. It is in fact sweetened with organic erythritol, a 100% natural ingredient extracted from corn. Guaranteed gluten-free for a greedy pampering in total safety.

If you are tired of the usual pasta salads then surely you would fall in love with our brand new two-colored Risoni chickpeas and peas, an organic pasta size based on legumes (chickpeas and peas), naturally rich in vegetable proteins and fibers. Quick and easy to cook, they can be used in various recipes instead of rice or pasta, in hot dishes or cold salads, perfect for enriching soups and vegetable purees too. Egg- and gluten-free.

You thought the news was over here, and instead get ready to leave for a distant culinary journey. Backpack on your shoulder and off to Mexico with the new Mucho Gusto line. Tortilla, Chips and sauces in typical Mexican style, let's discover the new line together:

Let's start with Tortilla Wrap made from organic soft wheat flour, ready to heat and to fill with your favorite ingredients. In a few minutes you will bring to the table the most authentic flavors of hot Mexico. The recipe is guaranteed vegan and yeast-free.

Do you want an aperitif in perfect Mexican style instead? Tortilla Chips,  cannot be missing on your table: organic corn triangles gluten-free and vegan, super crunchy all to munch on, very good if accompanied with a tasty guacamole or a spicy Mexican sauce, but also as they are.

And what are tortillas and wraps without a good dressing sauce?

You can choose between three different flavours of Mexican-inspired sauces made with 100% organic ingredients and guaranteed gluten-free: the Black Bean one is based on organic black beans with the addition of green peppers and delicately spicy coriander leaves, the Mexican Hummus Dip is instead a sauce based on organic chickpeas with the addition of green pepper and slightly spicy coriander leaves. Finally, for hot taste lovers, the Red Sauce Dip, a spicy sauce made from tomato, onion and green pepper with the addition of spices and the inevitable chilli pepper. All are ready to spread, perfect for dipping in delicious tortillas or to fill your wraps with imagination, their authentic and decisive taste will make your aperitif based on appetisers or vegetable crudité unforgettable.

Welcome to the new products on the shelf of this month.