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Probios news on February

We open the month of February with many sweet novelties, perfect for indulging in a bit of well-deserved delicacy from time to time or on the contrary for a healthy and energetic snack.

Let's start with two innovations in the sweet spreads sector.

Nuts&Bio Dark is an organic spread based on lean cocoa and hazelnuts, that will win you over at the first taste: seeing is believing! It’s made without milk and lactose, as well as being guaranteed gluten-free. It’s free of natural flavors. Its creaminess will make you savor all the full-bodied and enveloping taste of fine dark cocoa and hazelnuts. Available in 400g format. Nuts&Bio Dark enriches the Nuts&Bio line of creams, which already offers 4 delicious flavors: Original, Carob, Coconut, Cookies.

The Gianduia flavored spread without added sugars is a delicious spread made with organic hazelnuts, milk and cocoa. Guaranteed gluten-free, it’s without added sugar (naturally contains sugars). Its sweetness is in fact all natural thanks to organic erythritol, an ingredient extracted from corn with a fermentation process similar to the ripening of fruit. You will have already heard about it, if you know our line Without Extra Sugar, that the Gianduia Cream enriches. Here you can take a look at all the products in theWithout Extra Sugar line.

This month, the Biochampion line is expanding too with the arrival of a new entry: Dark Chocolate Peanuts Butter Protein Bar. It’s a protein bar covered with dark chocolate and with a tasty peanut-based filling, with an irresistible crunchy texture! High in vegetable proteins, it’s guaranteed gluten-free. Available in 40g format, also in these flavors: Dark Chocolate Protein Bar and Hemp, Cashews and Cocoa Beans Energy Bar. Do you know the Biochampion line? It includes products designed to support your sporting goals and for lovers of a dynamic 100% natural lifestyle.

Another much-awaited novelty always concerns snacks, this time based on fruit: we welcome Only Fruit Soft Bars, in the flavors of Italian Apricot, Italian Peach and Italian Berries. These are bars made from 100% fruit, without flour and fats. Perfect as light and tasty snacks at any time of the day, they will make you savor all the goodness of the best organic fruit and will give you the right boost thanks to the natural sugars of the fruit! Guaranteed gluten-free, in 28g format: one bar contains only 80kcal! What are you waiting for to try them all?