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The new Probios products of September

September is always a month of restarts and new beginnings: we at Probios certainly couldn’t fail to start again with the new products launch.

The family of our fragrant Rusks widens with three new products made with sunflower seed oil and without palm oil, to keep intact all their compactness and fragrance. The three new entries are: Whole Wheat Spelt Crisp Toasts, Crisp Toast with wheat germ and Multigrain Crisp Toasts with sesame and flax seeds. The 300g pack contains 36 slices, in two convenient packs of 18 slices each. The box is made of paper from 90% recycled fibers.

Crunchy, not fried and perfect to accompany all your aperitifs or snacks: let us introduce you our new Veggie Chips, crumbly potato sheets and a mix of dried vegetables (spinach, carrot and beetroot) and the fragrant Potato Chips, delicious potato sheets, ideal as a snack at any time of the day. Guaranteed gluten-free, with crossed ear logo, they are available in 40g packs.

Not the usual cakes, but crunchy and tasty sheets of Black rice & Turmeric, Italian Corn-Buckwheat and Pulses Mix. Perfect to satisfy every peckish, they are guaranteed gluten-free, with crossed ear logo on the label and available in resealable packs of 120g.

Il Nutrimento is enriched with new specific oils for different uses in the kitchen. The Italian Frying Oil is a deodorized and raw high oleic sunflower oil, obtained without adding heat during the extraction process. It’s the ideal oil for your frying thanks to its great resistance to high temperatures. Avocado Oil is a raw oil obtained without adding heat during the extraction process too. It’s rich in unsaturated fats, perfect for flavoring salads and other raw dishes. Rice Oil is a raw oil obtained without overheating the rice germ, it’s deodorized, rich in unsaturated fats and a natural source of vitamin E. Il Nutrimento Rice Oil is the only organic rice oil on the market.

The Natural Baking Paper in sheets is produced with virgin cellulose fibers, it’s natural and not treated with bleaching processes. It’s produced with cellulose carved from lumber of woods managed in a sustainable way for the protection of the forests and is PEFC certified. It’s biodegradable, recyclable and compostable * according to the European standard UNI EN 13432.

It's not September without news!