Colorful Cashew Snacks

Prep time: 35
  1. Soak all of the cashews for 2 or more hours
  2. Prepare the golden flax seeds flour grinding all the seeds for a few seconds with a blender or a coffee grinder, then sift it through a colander.
  3. Prepare the spinach, beet and carrot juice to color the snacks by using a juicer. You should obtain 45ml spinach juice, 45ml carrot juice and 60ml beet juice
  4. Start with the green snacks. Drain a third of the cashews, then blend them with an immersion blender with the spinach juice, 15ml water, the nutritional yeast, the lemon juice and the salt to obtain a liquind and smooth cream. Add the minced fennel and blend again. Whisk and incorporate the almond flour, the oil, the flax seed flour and the thyme.
  5. Preparate the yellow snacks. Do the same as before, but add the carrot juice instead and add the paprika while adding the flour.
  6. Finish with the purple snacks. Do the same thing again, and add 45ml beet juice and the minced olives.
  7. Level the batters with a spatula, to create a 2mm high layer on the tray of the dehydrator, placing some parchment paper at the bottom of the trays. Dehydrate at 42°C for 5 hours. If you do not have a dehydrator, use a ventilated oven at minimum temperature and keep the door opened, baking them for 5 hours.
  8. After 5 hours, flip the snacks and brush the bottom part of the purple one with the remaining beet juice. With a round 4cm wide mould, cut the snacks, or cut them in squares if you prefer. Place the shaped snacks on the trays again and remove the parchment paper. Dehydrate for 7 more hours, until the snacks look crunchy. The dehydrating time might vary according to the humidity and the environment.
  9. Serve the snacks on their own, or with a sauce, a dip or a vegetable paste. You can store them in an air tight container for up to 2 weeks.