Toasted Bread with Baked Beans - Panito

Servings: 4
  1. I browned in extra virgin olive oil, two cloves of garlic privated of their inner sprout and chopped, and a pinch of pepper. When the garlic has started to get brown, I added a dozen chopeed sage leaves and left flavor gently for a few minutes. I poured 500 grams of chopped tomatoes into the oil, salt and let cook until the sauce has dried. At this point I added to the sauce two cups full of white beans cooked al dente, and I let it all simmer for ten / fifteen minutes over very low heat so the beans do not brake.
  2. At the time of going to table I cut four slices of the loaf with sunflower seeds ‚Panito' Probios and I brush with extra virgin olive oil.
    I chose not to turn on the oven and I made toast in the pan as an experiment, but I tried also with success in the toaster.
    Still warm I rubbed with a clove of garlic and I seasoned with hot beans, the always guaranteed extra virgin olive oil (in Tuscany is a must!) and freshly ground black pepper.