Veggie Burger

Servings: 1
  • Second and final taste test. This time the rustic baguette and I jumped on the bandwagon to make vegetarian burgers, actually almost vegan, because I did not put the egg in it (which I never even put on the hamburger meat), however there is Parmesan.
  • I was inspired by the recipe from my friend Concetta of her Veggie Burger which can be found HERE. But as I told You, I did not put the egg.
  • I won’t give You quantities as the recipe was also created to use the vegetables that are found in the refrigerator and according to the season.
  • I had:
  • - carrots
  • - pumpkin
  • - savoy cabbage
  • - beets
  • - leek
  • - potatoes
  1. I steamed the vegetables and drained them very well, then I cutted the vegetable with leaves with scissors and crushed well with a fork all the rest. I added to this vegetable mixture a pinch of curry (food which is unsafe, so check the label that brings the words "gluten-free"), Parmesan cheese and gluten free breadcrumbs, "home-made" until I could touch the mixture with my hands without sticking to them.
  2. Take portions of the dough and give them the shape with your hands or with a special tool to form the burgers and grill them on a lightly greased hot griddle.
  3. They are very tasty, vegetables like this are also be eaten by the kids;) and the rustic bread comes along very well with them.
    Even if this bread should be heated before being consumed: I divided it into two halves and warmed it up quickly (about 3 minutes) in the toaster and then I put the hamburger in the middle, then I impaled it on a skewer and served:)