Lasagna Pasta with Pumpkin and Seitan

  1. Mix flour and water until the mixture is soft but firm. Wrap in a damp cloth and allow the dough to rest for the time of preparation of the sauce. Clean the pumpkin and then reduce it to pieces, simmer in a saucepan where you fried two cloves of garlic. When the pumpkin begins to unravel, slowly add the soy milk, stirring. Adjusting with salt.
  2. In another pan, saute chopped garlic and rosemary. Once golden, add the seitan reduced to small pieces with the halfmoon knife. While the pumpkin continues to cook in an uncovered pot becoming creamy and homogeneous, wet seitan that is browning with shoyu diluted with a tablespoon of water. Continue cooking uncovered pot for 5 more minutes. When both preparations are ready, put them together in a single container to cool and let flavor. Then roll out the dough not too thin and cut of peaces fitting to baking pan