Bell Pepper Stew with Mint-Flavored Omelette Squares

Servings: 4
Prep time: 25
Cooking time: 40
  1. Mince the onion and sautè it on a low heat with 2-3 tablespoons oil for 10 minutes. Afterwards, add the chopped tomatoes, a glass of water, a pinch of salt and the bay leaves. Continue simmering for about 20 minutes with the lid on, and add more water if needed.
  2. Beat the eggs with a whisk and a pinch of salt, then incorporate most of the minced mint. (keep a few leaves for later, as a decoration).
  3. In a wide pan, heat 3 tablespoons oil, pour the eggs, cover with a lid and, on a low heath, cook the omelette, flipping it once. Cook for a total of 10 minutes.
  4. Slice the omelette and serve it with the peppers and a slice of toasted bread, decorating with a few mint leaves.