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Allergens: The Expert Answers!

I often visit your site because I find it a great way to guide my purchases and always be up to date on your latest news and activities in addition to trying the delicious recipes of your blog!
Unwillingly I must make a little note, on the data sheets allergens are not indicated while on the packaging they are, why do not put them on the website?
I am allergic to peanuts and I do not know if your products can contain traces or not of them until I read it on the package... maybe for you it is not important but believe me it would be helpful for someone like me that has this type of allergy.

First of all, thank you for these appreciated compliments, our site is a direct line to you, our loyal consumers and all your suggestions to improve it are precious.
As for your question I say that precisely because we know how important it is for allergic people to have a clear and updated information, we prefer not to include this information on the technical sheets of the site. Since the entry into force of the Regulation on allergens Probios has made every effort to adjust the packages reporting such information in a precise way; that's why we do not use phrases like "packaged in a factory that works", etc. ... We think indeed that similar phrases do not clearly indicate whether or not the finished product contains traces of the long list.
If sesame, hazelnut, milk or gluten are used in the production of a food this not necessarily means that all products of the plant will be contaminated. The producer manages the risk of contamination with special procedures and may therefore be able to exclude contamination.
If Probios does not have sufficient guarantees to exclude the presence of trace of the allergen, Probios specifies it by the phrase "may contain traces of ..." followed by the allergen.
However, during the year, the manufacturer may make changes in the stages of production or alter the supply of raw materials, or there could be a possible change of the packer of the references and thus the risk of contamination may vary. When this happens the statements in the package are immediately updated.
However, in some point of sale, the reference of the previous production with the particulars relating to allergens coherent in its content, but other than the new version could still be present; so, for a certain period of time it is possible to find for sale both packages of the same product.
It is therefore unthinkable to indicate the allergen on the technical sheet of a product: worry and confusion of the allergic person would arise. The information on the label is correct and updated, and we always ask to refer to it.
In any case, given the sensitivity of the management of such important information for the protection of the consumer’s health, you can ask us at any time the updated situation of allergens indicating batch and expiry date of the product.

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