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Barley Miso: Quality Answers

I purchased your barley miso just because I follow the macrobiotic diet, but do not know exactly how to use it and what are its features. Do you have any suggestion?

Miso is a seasoning of Japanese origin made with soybeans that can be added to cereals such as rice or barley and sea salt.
It is then fermented by means of a fungus for several months, according to the eastern tradition. In Japanese cuisine is consumed regularly for its high content of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. It is quite known miso soup, here a standard recipe.
Miso Soup: finely chop a carrot, a small onion and a stalk of celery, cook in cold water with a piece of seaweed wakame, for about 10 -15 minutes. Combine the miso but without boiling. Serve hot with chopped parsley.

As you will have noticed the recommendation is not to boil the miso, this will allow the preservation of its nutritional qualities. The miso soup is usually consumed before the meal because it helps to prepare the body to accept the food.