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Body Butter: a Beauty Treat for Our Skin

Winter might look like the least pleasant season, because it lasts for long time and days are short, but, most importantly, because it is characterized by cold weather, that influences our routine and prevents us to spend time outside. This is the perfect moment to donate ourselves a pamper moment, for ourselves and our skin. The ritual of winter beauty starts with a warm bath, to cuddle our body and soul, and ends with a relaxing massage with body butter.

We tend to think that our skin is more at risk during summer, especially because of the sun rays and of the long sunbaths, but that’s not true. In fact, during winter, cold weather influences our epidermis, the lipids and all of the nutrients tend to decrease and our skin becomes sensitive and less elastic. We also have to consider the smog, a real enemy we have to fight everyday!

To help you cope with these problems, Idea Toscana designed a Body Butter for you – a product made with organic “Toscano IGP” Evo Oil – perfect for every skin type, protective and regenerative. Its consistency is thick, but melts easily on the skin, nourishing deeply without being too heavy, for an intense and long lasting effect. Thanks to its nutrients, this body butter also provides elasticity, softness and tone.

In particular, its formulation made with high quality oils respects and re-establishes the regular balance of the skin, with nourishing properties, giving your tissues extra shine: thanks to its characteristics, the Body Butter is perfect for body, skin and hands. The organic Toscano IGP evo oil  has in fact smoothing, calming and balancing properties, whereas the Shea butter – regenerative, soothing and protective – gives softness and elasticity, fighting the signs of ageing. Also, the cocoa butter, with antioxidant and nourishing properties, stimulates the normal vital processes of the skin.

Thanks to this beauty treat, winter becomes a pleasant moment, perfect to take care of our beauty routine, giving us a moment of relax providing our skin softness and shine, with organic ingredients.