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Bran, The Expert Answers!

"For years, I use both oat bran and wheat bran with great success both at an intestinal level and on hunger control. However I read that the bran that as the better oat is the one of double grind, from which we obtain particles of medium size and sieved six times, does yours have these characteristics too? "

From reliable sources such as the World Health Organization and the Italian Ministry of Health, there are recommendations regarding the type of grinding and sieving of oat bran that highlight particular virtues. Our manufacturers claim that the organic oat bran Probios has a medium grind and that is sieved at least 2 times.

Already in the 80s, oat bran was evaluated as a valuable aid for the proper maintenance of cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels thanks to its content of beta-glucans and chromium. The indications on the possible action on the glucose in the blood, are related to the specific amount of trivalent chromium contained in the food.
The bran in general helps in increasing stool bulk, facilitating the well functioning of the gastrointestinal tract; this is due to the fiber content which, according to the legislation to have such activities must be greater than 6g / 100g, the oat bran Probios has a fiber content of 16g/100g and that of wheat of 42.4 / 100g!

We generally recommend consuming 30-35 grams of fiber per day, for a person in good health. Instead of introducing extracted and isolated fibers, the best practice is to include in your diet foods rich in fiber such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes, which in addition to the fibers also contain essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and starches.