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Capers: The Expert Answers

A very strange thing happened to me by opening a jar of capers: on the cap there was a blue glow! Is this possible? Honestly I was astonished and a little uncertain.

We understand your surprise, and the consequent uncertainty, but we want to reassure you completely about the cause of what you observed.
The Nutrimento company has recently changed the type of plugs used for the jars of sauces, pests, pickled and “au naturelle” vegetables. These are innovative caps without PVC and plasticizers. This is possible thanks to the use of a specific material similar to rubber.
This type of capsules is very innovative and fully satisfies the requirements of the EU SAFETY, as it excludes the migration with food, also in this way the pot must not be compulsorily filled with oil or grease.
The blue color characteristic of the new material, was chosen because since you can not find it in nature it helps consumers to identify that the product is not altered (indeed if it was red or green it may create doubts about the healthiness of the product).

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