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Carrageenan - The Expert Answers

I read that some soy beverages contain carrageenan and about the negative effects they might achieve. Can you please give me some information about it?

Let's start by saying that carrageenan is a thickener made from red marine algae known as "Carragheen", widely used in food industry as a binder which is part of the category of natural additives such as agar-agar, carob seed flour, guar gum, xanthan gum and pectin, approved by the European Community and also allowed in the specification of the biological.
From the biochemical point of view it is a polysaccharide (long-chain sugar).

There is no formal alert for the product from a toxicological point of view.
The European Food Safety Authority EFSA, responsible for assessing the safety of its use gave tranquilizers opinions about the use of that substance in relation to the low quantities used that would not lead to any safety problem.
The ingredient carrageenan is not present in soy beverage in our brand; it can be found in soy cream where its indicative dose his recipe is very low ie around 0.03%.

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