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"We know that the earth does not belong to the man, it is the man that belongs to the earth. This we know for sure.
All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. Everything is connected. What happens to our earth happens to the sons of the earth.
Men did not weave the plot of life, in it, he is just a thread.
Whatever he does to the plot, he does to himself. "

From the Chief of the American Natives to the American President Franklin Pierce in 1854.
I bump into this phrase every day, every morning, opening the door of my office. I wanted to frame these words because their meaning to me become a beacon in every choice that I am or will be called upon to make, at work and in private.
There is a profound connection between our individual lives and our environment, it means that we are connected to each other.
Desertification and the destruction of the environment reflect the drying of the inner life of human beings. The relationships between humanity and nature are part of the complex relationships between oneself and one's inner life and among all the other living beings.
The selfishness and arrogance of human beings whose inner environment is polluted and desolate, inevitably manifest themselves in the domination, deprivation and destruction of the environment.
To complete this cycle, an external impoverished and desolate environment breaks the rhythm of our inner life giving additional space to selfishness and greed.
Our actions emit a vibration in the universe and this releases an energy that will always come back to us, the only variables are the "when" and "how" but not the "if."
But I'm sure that the man is not just instinct and violence. I do not see only selfishness.
The human being is also solidarity, help for the helpless, ethics, spirituality and fight against social discrimination. I see the man in every tear of emotion, in the strength of those who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of others, of those who struggle against the powerful persons on the side of the defenseless.
I see the man in the middle of the sea in defense of mammals sentenced to death, I see him in taking care of the sick people, I see him in the missionaries scattered in the most remote corners of the planet.
As human beings we have the task of contributing to the creation of value in the evolution of mankind and the planet Earth.
Our effort is to open a page of hope for the future through the control of selfishness and to have at heart the happiness of others and of ourselves, where respect, understanding and love are the basis for creating the hope of future generations.

With love,
Rossella Bartolozzi