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Coffee, Barley, Chicory and Cereal mix for Moka

The line of coffee for moka Probios has plenty of products to suit all tastes!

100% Arabica coffee for those who like the traditional full flavor coffee, barley + coffee for those who want a less intense taste and do not like a high content of caffeine, ginseng + coffee for those who want a stronger taste and an increased energizing effect, decaffeinated coffee without chemical solvents, but with natural processes.


The coffee used in the blends comes from a small community of native Indians of the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta in Colombia.

The farmers are part of a social project that preserves the native tribes and enhances their cultural and spiritual heritage.
Farmers get a fair and stable price, then the mixtures are prepared in Italy. The packaging has on the back some microholes that allow the aroma to escape naturally in small quantities, without altering its organoleptic characteristics. The holes facilitate the natural evolution and of the National reliable taste of the mixture.