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Dried Bio Fruits: From the Expert

I'm a huge consumer of dried fruit especially apricots, which I know is rich in magnesium. My homeopath has recommended to not buy the traditional ones, but to use biological fruit.
I bought your organic apricots, which are good, but they do have a bad aesthetical look in comparison to those from the bright orange color I generally bought .... what’s wrong with the not organic?

I do not know what<#s the problem with the conventional, but I know how ggod are ours!
The Probios organic dried fruit, or better dehydrated, such as apricots and figs is obtained by traditional methods, unfortunately, no longer in the sun as they did once but at controlled temperatures that preserve the nutritional quality, especially the minerals that are don’t get lost and that rather remain as a concentrate of precious nutrients.
Often for the conservation in the conventional product there are being used sulphites, especially sulfur dioxide, which prevents also the physiological darkening as happens with natural drying.
Choosing organic dried fruit means to choose a fruit grown in soil without plant protection and then processed without the use of those substances or prohibited by the regulations of the biological treatments.
We will have an brownish apricot and not bright orange one, perhaps with kind of 'scars' of a rain or a hailstorm, but definitely with the true and natural flavor of the fruit.

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