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Eating Healthy and “Free From”, Since the Young Age

Italians want to eat healthy and ask the companies to be clear and to give them more information.

Those are the elements that emerged from the Nielsen’sGlobal Health and Ingredient Sentiment” survey, that involved 30.000 people from 61 countries, Italy included.

67% of the population – two Italians on three – is worried about the additives in food, while the 55% of them would like to find completely natural products in the stores. Furthermore, over 70% confirms that they would like to know the exact composition of food and that they prefer companies that clearly and correctly inform them about the ingredients and the manufacturing processes of the product.
A trend that Nielsen experts define “back to basics”, a growing attention towards healthier food, that corresponds to a growing request of “free from” foods.

The trend is nourished especially by young people, that are more and more attracted by organic products. The demonstration comes from the results of Cia, the Italian Confederation of Agriculturists, at SANA in Bologna: according to their investigation, 3 consumers out of 4 are between 20 and 50 years old, but in particular, in the productive sector most of the people are under 40 years old.
An evident signal that the younger companies are moving towards a productive style with a reduced impact on the natural resources and the environment.

That’s the reason why Probios, since years, keeps choosing Italian harvested, organic raw materials, guaranteed and controlled to offer better products in respect of the health of people and the environment. After all, Italian agriculture is the most sustainable in Europe, with the highest number of organic companies, the prohibition to use GMOs and 281 Protected Designation of Origin (DOP/IGP) products.