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Editorial: Chestnut & Nuts

November is the month par excellence of the walks in the woods where you go to collect chestnuts as well as in the fields to beat the nuts.
These are all opportunities to discover in an outdoor month with all its beauty and characteristics.
Even the climate is mild and the countryside gives us the magnificent colors with all their shades of green, yellow, brown that sometimes spectacles of nature that we can only admire.

It is also the time to bring our children and our loved ones outside the city to run outside, breathe in the scent of the woods and get some clean oxygen before the gray winter. Let us take the time to teach our children to pick up a thorny shell of the chestnut and extract the nut from inside.

Who of you is able to do it? Of course the first few times it's a pain, You get pierced with the thorns, but the satisfaction of a beautiful extracted chestnut, peel it in the woods and taste it at the place, it really is an priceless experience. You will see with wonder and amazement that your children will observe the operation and with that enthusiasm they will want to try it themselves.

What is it all about? A simple family day spent outdoors in a forest.
Okay, that day, there are no electronic toys, there is no television in the lots or variety programs, and then what's left? There remains a day spent together where we can focus on our suffering, listen and talk about everything, appreciate deeply the beauty that surrounds us.
It is a way to devote yourself entirely to those we love, reinforcing with our proximity the feeling that moves everything in the world: love.

If you think it's worth it, do it, I will definitly endeavor to do so and I am sure that many of you would have done anyway. But if, with this addition to my editorial, I’ll not only convince myself but will also stimulate sonmeone else, I’ll be glad about the suggestion I’ve been given to You!
But let me be honest, you’ll also find the chestnuts in the center of our city, but not all the rest: all the rest costs, love requires a commitment and more importantly you can’t buy it.

With love,
Fernando Favilli