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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products for the House

Folia is the line of eco-friendly household cleaners, biodegradable and with organic ingredients.

All products are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, and are scented with organic essential oils, without synthetic fragrances. Their effectiveness is demonstrated by laboratory testing, which exclude animal testing.
In addition to reduce the environmental impact during production, most of the ingredients that make detergents Folia are of local or national origin.

All products are guaranteed ICEA, in accordance with the eco bio detergents specification, and are characterized by the high quality of ingredients used and the low environmental impact.
The products are not tested on animals and have the certification LAV, which is available on our website.

Here you find further informations on our suppliers.

Here is the invitation to the presentation that will be held from Pierpaoli together with the Association THE GREEN WAY TO LIFE, which gathers the most important European manufacturers of detergents environmentally friendly and sustainable, February 14 at the facilities of the del Biofach in Nuremberg.