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A beautiful word that we can combine with infinite meanings that can take us beyond any dream.
In our case, talking about the job, we match the word to the current year. We are in the month of October and this year has literally flown by.
I remember that not long ago, in April to be exact, I was seized by a kind of apprehension, it felt like the year had just started and the first four months already flown away. Maybe it's because October is also the month of my birthday I put more attention to the flying of the time, but the consideration that I want to share is whether this is positive or negative.

If I look at the years just for the number, certainly negative, and too fast. But time flies when you're good about yourselves!
If we're nice to people, we spend a fun day, we read a good book, we carry out a job with satisfaction, I could list hundreds of examples, time flies, you're calm and everything is pink ..
On the contrary, a boring day with unexpected setbacks, the proximity of people we do not want to talk to, a work done without passion, these are just some examples of the classic day that never goes by and that puts you on a vein of sadness mixed with dissatisfaction.

In Probios time flies, sometimes too much, and for this reason I'm happy. We have many commitments, including setbacks, but we are a united and compact group, that allows us to carry out our daily work with satisfaction. Despite 35 years of life, Probios looks like a young child who opens to life, curious, resourceful, with a touch of recklessness that gives more flavor to the day. Surely the good relationship that we have with our customers and consumers, the tokens of esteem that continually come to us, the confirmations on the quality that we offer, contribute heavily to fuel our level of serenity.

We of Probios are happy to fly with all of you to the most beautiful dreams and to land only after they have come true. We are always ready to go, reminding us that time flies when we're flying, and above all, we do not fly alone, but we make sure that it is a flock that is enlarged at any time.

Enjoy your flight!
President Probios Srl