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The Focus of Probios: Organic Food and Sport: a Winning Team!

The adventure of Probios in the world of sport has deep roots, when in 2005 Probios started a collaboration project with the then newly-promoted Serie A Palermo Calcio.
The medical staff, the sports trainers and the coach at the time, Francesco Guidolin, together with the company started in Florence a project unique in its kind: organic food for the entire first team.
The spark of the idea came from the assumption that there can be no prosperity without a healthy diet. From this concept, the step toward choosing organic was brief. The Palermo obtained excellent results this year, indeed the team arrived at the 6th position in the league and qualified for the second round of the Italian Cup, an important achievement for a team in the first round with the major Italian competition.

From this wonderful experience Probios created BioChampion, a line for athletes that has its maximum expression in the energy drink ReStart.
Designed together with one of the best known experts in technical food, Claudio Patrucco, the drink was the first energy drink without caffeine, taurine; produced with a mix of plants (maca, ginseng and guarana) that working in combination with corn syrup, promote performance and resistance to fatigue.

The collaboration also with minor football teams like the Sestese, which plays in the league of Excellence and which since always full of young talents, led Probios to launch a major research project with the University of Florence and Dr. Elena Castellini, who collaborated with the Technical Center of Coverciano, the hub of the Italian National Team.
What intrigued the researchers was the opportunity to understand the terms in which diet affects the reduction of free radicals in competitive athletes. It is well known that high-level athletes undergo their body to a great stress and this leads to an increase in the levels of free radicals and consequent "premature aging" of the organism.
A diet rich in antioxidants taken from fresh fruits and vegetables of high quality, mineral salts and vitamins naturally present in healthy foods, and a consequent reduction of junk foods and commercial soft drinks, is definitely a great way to counteract the formation of free radicals, cause of organism’s aging. This is not only for athletes !!

But the relationship with sport, for love and passion (there are so many sports fans in Probios from President Fernando Favilli former motocross champion in the early 70s under the Moto Gori, but that's another story ..) has continued over the years, when again Probios returns to provide a Serie A team, the prestigious Udinese Calcio.

A part of the staff who worked at Palermo, including the coach, moved to Udine in 2011 and has looked for Florentine friends to embark on a new adventure. For Probios the opportunity to collaborate with a team like Udinese Calcio was an opportunity seized with joy, also for the way the catering within the Friuli stadium was organized and the importance given to the food of the athletes. The first team in fact feeds during both breakfast and lunch in the restaurant inside the stadium, where the choice of food is strictly controlled by medical staff and customized according to individual needs.

From this partnership was created, in collaboration with Dr. Cristina Giusto, team’s dietitian in 2011, the book "Sport & Food: a guide to the nutrition of the young sportsman," where were given dietary advices to young people who practice sports.
The report is now renewed for the third consecutive year, with the satisfaction of both.

From this year, a new collaboration was initiated and this includes a part of the heart: indeed Probios has become the official supplier of ACF Fiorentina.
Even the purple team is fed from this league onwards with Probios organic products that are served in beautiful sports center adjacent to the stadium, where the boys train and eat.
Meanwhile from the Artemio Franchi stadium in Florence have sprung up banners that advertise the company, a satisfaction for all Probios employees that on Sunday go to cheer the team and for all lovers of organic food because conveying to the younger generations that our champions are eating organic is definitely a positive step in the dissemination of research of health through healthy eating.

Edited by Probios srl.