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Fruits and Vegetables: Unveiled the Magic Formula for Happiness!

A new research from the English University of Warwick and the Australian University of Queensland, published by the American Journal of Public Health[1], has recently shown that eating more fruits and vegetables helps to increase levels of happiness in people. Consumption up to eight servings per day would help, proportionally, improve mood and the effect would be due to the content of carotenoids, a group of antioxidants that gives fruits and vegetables their characteristic colors.

The researchers have followed 12,385 people for two years, inviting them to keep food diaries and write down their psychological well-being. It emerged that, in the space of 24 months, people who went from almost no to eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day had experienced an increase in life satisfaction equal to that produced from finding work. The happiness was also increased incrementally over each extra portion.

So yet another confirmation of the beneficial qualities of fruits and vegetables: however be careful to choose the right products. In traditional agriculture, to protect the fruits and vegetables in the growing stage, are in fact widely used pesticides, commonly called pesticides. In the product that ends up on our dishes we won’t find the active ingredient but the remaining residues. Although at that EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, 97.4% of the analyzed samples fall within the legal limits[2], for Legambiente the "multi-residue", in those products in which the residues of pesticides are two or more, would be on the rise[3].

To protect ourselves there is only one solution: choose certified organic products, where there is no doubt that none of any type of pesticide was used.

For its part, Probios offers a wide range of products that are 100% organic: from bio fruit pulp with no added sugar, awarded by the authoritative German magazine Öko-Test for its quality; passing to fresh organic juices, available in 10 flavors, with ingredients from Italian agriculture; to the delicious canned vegetables Il Nutrimento, like bruschetta, pesto, sauces and pates 100% vegetable.



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