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It is Summer Time!

Here we are, finally also this year summer has arrived! After the long winter and the endless rainy days, it's time to rejoice for the arrival of summer, ready for a sea break during the weekend and, above all, to give our skin a touch of colour.

So here we are with some advice to face the first heat in the best way, thanks to a healthy diet ... but without sacrificing taste and well-being.

With rising temperatures, it is often not too easy to withdraw oneself in the kitchen or next to the stove, and it is also very common to lose appetite. However, there are several ready meals, but at the same time fresh and healthy, which adapt perfectly to the summer season. For example, the practical, long-life Probios CousCous Time are ideal to be cookedin different ways and are ready in just 5 minutes! Colorful and tasty, CousCous Time are available with Curcuma & Vegetables and with Tomato & Majoram and are perfect for a quick lunch.

If instead you want a beautiful salad with a thousand flavors, here are some ideas for simple and quick ideas that you could embellish, for example, with different combinations of seeds, such as the Organic Mix of Seeds Probios, available in the three variants Harmony, Wellness and Vitality.

  • Salad with avocado, apples and croutons

  • Salad with tofu, zucchini and cherry tomatoes

  • Citrus salad with celery and lettuce

  • Corn salad with, black olives, pepper, thyme, lemon peel

  • Salad of chickpeas, corn, tomatoes, courgette and parsley

Now you just have to prepare the fridge bag and ... the bathing suit!