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The Moretta - The Expert Answers

I tasted your hazelnut and cocoa cream Moretta that was given to me as I found out to be allergic to milk and I wonder, such a good cream should be present on the shelves of all stores. Is it possible that the world only knows the famous cream ... people do not read the ingredients? Why do not you also do a big package for the whole family?

Thank you for these heartfelt congratulations! The "Moretta", like all other creams made from hazelnuts and cocoa branded Probios, is not only delicious, but it is also made with quality organic ingredients.
Hazelnuts present in the recipe and for most of the creams as the first ingredient, specifically come from the Italian district of Tuscia near Viterbo, where they are also produced.
In the recipe no type of lecithin is used. The emulsifying effect is obtained thanks to a particular method of processing, completely natural: the ingredients are continuously mixed for about 18 consecutive hours. The manufacturer is studying alternatives to palm oil that he already uses in part, using in recipe also sunflower seeds oil (in the cream grain exclusively sunflower seeds oil is used).

These are all guaranteed gluten-free recipes, a wide selection of preparations without milk, and some sweetened with fructose, finally NUTS & BIO CARRUBA even without cocoa. So, many recipes for every need and taste.
For the proposal of maxi format ... we'll talk with the producer ... Meanwhile, keep reading the ingredients list and licking her fingers with Moretta!

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