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What is Nature?

The materialistic culture has produced a strange and insidious thought form: the one who speaks, without too much using a definition, of the INTELLIGENCE OF NATURE and then other definitions such as "the wisdom of Nature," "Laws of Nature" .. but who never actually says "who" the Nature is.
It 's a form of thought made just to fool the soul ... In what way? The materialistic culture speaks to us implying that nature is nothing but a series of multiple mechanisms and laws produced by chance, without a conscience, an awareness. But this approach does not make sense. And we see it in our daily lives that in order to make something clever we need "someone" who is committed. And the more good, intelligent, loving you ar, the more intellingent and useful will be the product of your creativity. It never occurs that this happens by accident, without "someone" who put us intelligence, attention, thought, passion, desire.
Here, these are all attributes of a conscience ...
Why in our culture is it easy to attribute a consciousness of some kind to all beings - human beings, animals and even plants - while to Nature, the mother of all, this is denied? When will be obvious that Nature is a great creative consciousness? It is denied, or rather it is omitted, because otherwise we should say that it is a God or a Goddess. And a materialistic culture like ours does not want to think so ..
Instead, from the observation of our social and personal life we can derive a universal law in the sight of all (those who want to see): to any state of consciousness corresponds a level of creativity. To growing states of consciousness correspond greater and more mature creativities. So the product of a creativity expresses always and with great precision the level of consciousness of the creator.
How much beautiful, wonderfully perfect, practical, wise, and loving is the nature around us? A tree, a mountain, a butterfly, the sea, an ecosystem ... Obviously as much as its creator .. How much intelligent, wise, artistic, capable, loving is this natural conscience? A lot, certainly in a size that we would define simply divine. If our minds were free from the bonds of our barbaric culture.
The big difference for all of us is that if Nature is an intelligence that is not owned by anyone .. no one speaks to us through the beings of nature. But if instead we realize that Nature is a conscious intelligence, then we can open ourselves to the idea that Nature speaks to us, that it is in constant and intelligent dialogue with us, and that we can participate ... because we are its children. If everything is the result of the case, including the nature, we are just at the mercy of blind fate and a Nature which is stupid and indifferent to his creatures. If, however, the events and creatures around us are not random, it means that someone is thinking of them, follows them and organizes them constantly.
Is this us? We even can not move a finger by ourselves... Someone even helps us to make changes in neurons, tendons and muscles of which we have no conscience ... Is our opinionated science capable of organizing ecosystems and the creatures of the Earth? Our science even cannot create a blade of grass. Imagine if it could manage to create a sunset ...
But then who is the one who creates, organizes and constantly follows the beings of nature? We really should have to decide to finally look for talented organizers of this beautiful world that is not randomly organized. Maybe they are somewhere waiting to talk about it. They will certainly have a lot to say ... Maybe the thought form of a "smart nature" that is finally just a pile of coincidences devoid of personality ... was created and spread on purpose to prevent this dialogue?
Knowing that this dialogue would have freed us from many constraints and would help our consciences grow in such a decisive way?
So let's talk with these Beings of Nature and find out by ourselves how it ends!

Fausto Carotenuto
President of Coscienze in Rete
Green World