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Obesity Day: Italians Weigh Too Much

One in two people dieted the last year (49%) and almost 6 millions of people are obese.

That’s one of the facts that emerge from the survey of Coldiretti and the Survey Institute Ixé for the Obesity Day, celebrated yesterday, 10th October, all over the world. The World Obesity day stabbed at sedentary, highlighting the evidence to conjugate physical activity and healthy eating, because at last, gaining weight (besides the genetic factors) is just a matter of arithmetic. It is the result of assuming, with food, more calories than the ones we consume with physical activity.

On the other hand, we notice a strong improvement of the food habits, that comes from the rediscovery of the Mediterranean diet. The turning point was in 2015, with the 19% increase on the purchases of olive oil and a significant growth in the expenditure of fruit(+5%), fresh vegetables (+3%) and dry pasta (+1%). A noticeable trend inversion that scored a boom in fruit and vegetables consumption in 2016, and reached the highest level in the latest four years thanks to a medium annual growth of 3 kilos of fruit and veggies per person. The result is that this year, the per-capita consumption will be almost 320 kilos each.

Balanced food habits that Probios has always been promoting, through a wide range of organic food for vegetarians and intolerants. Not counting the numerous recipes that help assuming the right nutrients to control the body weight: low in sugars, rich in fibers and rich in proteins for those who practice sport. All in line with the philosophy of the Company, that considers organic and vegetarian food not just as a business reason, but also as a key resource to protect the health of people and of the environment.