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PANITO, The New Generation Gluten-Free!

PANITO, the new generation ORGANIC GLUTEN FREE!

Probios presents the new range PANITO, a full line of organic bread without gluten loanable from the NHS.

Panito reflects the characteristics required by the celiac public thanks to its crunchiness and softness that is maintained over time. Because of this Panito is ideal for the preparation of sandwiches to eat in the office, at school or in the free time.
Panito is ready to be eaten but if you warm it up you will taste such a goodness!

Try the full range and choose your favorite, Panito will be available from February in stores and online in 6 sizes:
- 3 types of baguettes (white, rustic and with sesame seeds and flax)
- 2 types of loaves of bread (white and sunflower seeds)
- 1 loaf

All recipes, are not only gluten free, but also without milk.


A market survey * conducted at the Gluten Free Expo, Brescia, 2013, showed that Panito perfectly reflects the needs of the celiac public who seeks in gluten-free bread three primary characteristics:

As often gluten-free bread is chewy, while once warmed up Panito has a crunchy exterior that lasts.

The special formulation of Panito makes it soft and tasty even after many hours that it has been warmed up:

In the packaged breads you often notice the smell of preservatives, once opened and most of all just warmed Panito inebriates with its scent of fresh bread.

*Multiple choice test conducted on 50 respondents