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Pearl Spelt: The Expert Answers

"I bought the pearl Probios Tuscan spelt to cook it with vegetables salad, for this recipe I was shown for an einkorn husked spelt, I wanted to know if these products are similar or completely different?"

They are 2 different species of Triticum or spelt, the progenitor of all wheat:
Triticum monococcum or einkorn spelt, the one they recommended you, is the most ancient cultivated type of spelt (there are proofs back to the seventh millennium BC).
However, in the course of time, for the poor performance in agriculture, this one type has been replaced with more resistant and productive varieties and unfortunately has been almost forgotten. In recent years in some parts of Italy and also in Tuscany its cultivation was taken up for the peculiar characteristics at the level of nutrition. It’s an husked grain, where only the exterior has been removed, the husk, the harder peel. It requires a short soak of 2 hours and cooks in about 30 minutes.

Instead, what you bought is the most common type of spelt, it is very versatile in the kitchen, being the pearl grain (after being hulled it is subjected to a further mechanical abrasion that in any case does not impoverishe it), it does not require soaking and in 30 minutes it is cooked , its taste makes it perfect for hot and cold dishes.

Both types of Probios spelt branded Natura Toscana are grown and processed in Tuscany by a group of farmers who value biodiversity investing their energies to prevent the disappearance of plants and products typical of the area and ensure the maintenance of their genetic in accordance with the will of Probios to recover old varieties of vegetables and cereals by nutritional qualities and unique taste.

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